21 Symptoms of Pregnant with Baby Boy

During pregnancy, certain symptoms of baby girl or baby boy happen to you as a pregnant mom. Some of the signs can be very obvious, such as shape of the belly and change of your food habits. Then, what are the symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy?
Lower Heart Rate
The heart rate of baby girl is higher than that of baby boy. If the heart rate monitored is less than 140 beats per minute, it indicates that you are having a baby boy.
Earlier Fetal Movement
If you feel the fetal movement earlier, such as around the 3rd month of pregnancy, you may welcome a baby boy.
Smaller Fetal Movement
If your baby often kicks you on the left, the movement is smaller and you get a small bump on the belly, it indicates you are conceiving a baby boy. Generally, you will feel the slight baby kick at the 18th week and it will become stronger after the 20th week.
No Morning Sickness
A folk saying goes that, milder or even no morning sickness in the first trimester means you are pregnant with a baby boy.
Body Part Getting Weight
If your belly, breast or other front parts get weight during pregnancy, you will be more likely to have a baby boy. 
Pointed Belly
If your belly is pointed, you have more chances of carrying a baby boy. 
Carrying High
Generally, if you carry your baby higher it indicates you are pregnant with a baby boy.
If you are neither swollen nor clumsy but appear flexible, show no sign of pregnancy from behind and can walk with ease until the last week of pregnancy, it indicates you are pregnant with a baby boy.
Raised Belly Button
It is said that a raised belly button during pregnancy means you are having a baby boy. 
Shape of Linea Nigra
If the linea nigra is thick at the lower end, thin at the upper end and stretches to your chest while the part above belly button is to the left, it means you are more likely to have a baby boy.
Darker Left Nipple
If your left nipple is darker than the right or even close to black, you're more likely to have a boy.
Bright Yellow Urine Color
When you get up in the morning, do not drink or do anything else; prepare a glass and pee to the same glass. If the urine looks clear and bright yellow, you are conceiving a baby boy. 
Urine Test
If the pH value during pregnancy shows an uptrend in urine test, it indicates you are carrying a baby boy. 
Eat More
Research shows that the male hormone testosterone secreted by baby boy would send a "must eat" signal to his mother, which greatly increases the mother-to-be's appetite. If you are pregnant with a boy, then you will take in more nutrition during pregnancy than those pregnant with girl.
Change of Taste
If you crave for salty and sour foods in the first trimester, you are more likely to have a boy. If you are having the second baby, you can compare with the first: craving for the same foods indicates you will have the same baby gender with the first. 
Cold Feet
Cold feet during pregnancy indicate you are expecting a boy.
Coarse Skin
If your skin looks coarse and spotty and develops acnes during pregnancy, it implies you are having a baby boy.
Bigger Nose
If your nose is bigger, then you are having a boy.
Hairy Belly
If your belly becomes hairy during pregnancy, you are probably pregnant with a baby boy.
Dark Body Parts
In the third trimester, the increased male hormone caused by baby boy will darken your thigh root, axilla, areola and neck.
Pulse Rate
If you feel faster pulse rate on the left hand and there is pulse in the central channel during pregnancy, it implies you are carrying a baby boy.

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