How to Conceive a Baby Boy?

What are the ways to have a baby boy? In folk, there are many ways to raise the chances of having a baby boy. For example, adjust your diet when preparing for pregnancy and take more alkaline foods, or change the alkalinity in the vagina by creating a more alkaline environment. In addition, you can also choose to change the sex position, create the orgasm, have sex at the right time and avoid getting pregnant at older ages to raise the chances of having a baby boy. However, these methods are not necessarily scientific and the tips of having a baby boy are only for daily reference. The most important thing is to prepare for pregnancy and to condition your body properly, so that you can give birth to a healthy baby.

Take More Alkaline Foods

It is believed that the acidity and alkalinity of food can change the pH of human body, and then change the vaginal secretion of women. The alkaline secretion is suitable for the survival of Y sperm, thus easier to have a baby boy. On the contrary, the acidic secretion is suitable for the survival of X sperm, thus easier to have a baby girl. Alkaline foods are mostly vegetables and fruits, such as potato, spinach, tomato, cabbage, carrot, apple, banana, papaya, pear and orange.

Medically, the saying of taking more high-alkaline foods can have a baby boy is inaccurate. Because the pH of human body is generally constant and it is hard to change the pH thru a certain kind of food. Besides, pregnant women need more nutrition and the single diet without acid foods like pork, chicken, fish and other meat will lead to malnutrition. As a result, you need to take both alkaline and acid foods properly when preparing for pregnancy.

Rinse Vagina with Alkaline Lotion

If you want to have a baby boy, you may consider creating a more alkaline environment in vagina for the longer survival of Y sperm. In addition to the diet, you can also rinse vagina with alkaline lotion and create a more alkaline environment to raise the chances of having a baby boy.

In fact, the way of rinsing vagina with alkaline lotion is also unscientific. Since vagina is prone to infection, rinsing vagina with alkaline lotion like soda water may lead to the imbalance of vaginal flora and then inflammation. If you want to raise the chances in this way, please do consider prudently.

Create Orgasm

The vagina of women is normally strongly acidic, turning acidic after the first orgasm and weakly acidic after the second. Seminal fluid is alkaline and orgasm could increase the vaginal alkalinity for the survival of Y sperm. If you want to have a baby boy, try to create orgasm for a more alkaline environment in vagina. Orgasm is a wonderful experience for both men and women. Also, a female orgasm can better promote the fusing of sperm and egg. But it still takes both sides' efforts to make the Y sperm break through and fuse with egg.

Conceive in Summer

In the case of free combination of chromosomes, the high temperature in summer can raise the chances of having a baby boy based on the 1:3 fusing probability of male XY chromosome and female XX chromosome. This is because Y chromosome is more active for fertilization in high temperature environment. And it is easier to have a baby boy.

There is no sufficient scientific evidence on the saying of environment temperature at the time of conception can affect the sex chromosomes and then the baby gender. No matter in what season you get pregnant, the baby gender depends on male sperm. It should be noted that you need to avoid the direct blowing of air conditioner or fan in summer after having sex; in winter, be sure to keep warm and take care of yourself for the healthy growth of embryo.

Try Standing Up or Doggy Style

To have a baby boy, you can try standing up or doggy style and lie flat for a while after sex. This position is easier for deep ejaculation and for sperm to swim faster to the uterus. If you want to have a baby boy, let the sperm ejaculate deep in vagina to help the Y sperm to appear near the cervix and to swim through the cervical mucus easily.

Do Not Get Pregnant Too Late

Men's sperm count decreases with age, so the older they are, the more likely it is to have baby girls. Similarly, the alkaline secretion in uterus decreases with age and the chance of having a baby girl rises substantially. Therefore, older couples are more likely to have baby girls.

This is not always true because having a baby boy or girl is only a matter of probability, and it has nothing to do with age. From the perspective of eugenics, however, you'd better get pregnant at the best age.

Pre-pregnancy Tips for Having a Baby Boy

1. Measure basal body temperature (BBT) correctly as required from the day you want to have a baby boy.
2. Take four natural calcium tablets per day.
3. Be sure to use a condom for effective contraception during sex within 2 months before the planned date of conception. Do not use contraceptive pills or a contraceptive coil.
4. Keep measuring BBT to determine the date of sudden decrease. Also, pay attention to the increase in cervical mucus and record in the BBT table.
5. Despite the correct measurement of BBT, you may still have no idea about the date of BBT decrease. So try to visit your obstetrician for cervical mucus inspection on the possible ovulation date and determine whether you ovulate on the day.
6. After taking natural calcium for two months, visit your obstetrician on the ovulation date of the third month to accept crystallization inspection of cervical mucus and to determine whether the continuous taking of natural calcium is needed.
7. Do a position suitable for having a baby boy and relax during sex.
8. The thicker the semen, the higher chance to have a baby boy. So have sex the next day after menstruation and then two days later. From the second sex to the planned conception date, do not make love, so as to ejaculate lots of energetic Y sperm on the ovulation date.
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