Q: What's the origin of the Chinese Gender Chart?

A: It is said that Chinese Baby Gender Chart, with a history of over 300 years, was collected in the palace of Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD) under the exclusive care of a eunuch who was not allowed to show to others without authorization. At the end of Qing Dynasty, the eight-power allied forces invaded China, and the Chart was looted to Britain but a Chinese scholar managed to copy it. In 1972, the owner of the Chart refused to keep it secret and made it public.

Q: Is the Chinese Gender Chart 99% accurate?

A: People on the web believe that the Chinese Birth Chart, excavated from the imperial mausoleum a hundred years ago by the archaeologists, has an accuracy rate of 90%. Then, is it reliable on the prediction of baby gender? At present, there is no scientific basis for the accuracy of Chinese Baby Gender Chart, which is a set of methods for predicting baby gender summarized by imperial physicians in Qing Dynasty. Therefore, it is not scientific to predict baby gender only by the Chinese Baby Gender Chart. According to specialists, any prediction of baby gender only has an accuracy rate of 50%, so is the Chinese Birth Chart and it will not be higher than that. The feasible method for predicting baby gender scientifically is amniocentesis or B-mode ultrasound. Of course, you can take the prediction by the Chinese Baby Gender Chart as an amusement but do not believe it totally.

Q: What’s the lunar age?

A: Different from the age we use today, the age in the Chinese Baby Gender Chart is the lunar one, which is usually 1 or 2 years older than actual.
How to Calculate Chinese Lunar Agate?

Q: Does the Chart use the father’s date of birth?

A: Since the Chinese Birth Chart is for the prediction of mother-to-bes, it shall be based on the mother's lunar age and the lunar month of conception.

Q: Is the Chart different every year ?

A: No to speak whether the Chinese Baby Gender Chart is accurate or not, it seems that people have a consensus about it: the Chart changes with year. Does the Chinese Baby Gender Chart really change with year? Actually no, the Chart remains same and unchanged but every expectant mother has a different lunar age and lunar month of conception in western calendar date. You can check the Western Gender Chart so as not to get errors during the lunar western calendar conversion.

Q: Why there are many versions of the Chinese Gender Chart?

A: Due to copying mistakes, you may find different versions of CGC online. In fact, there is only one Chinese Gender Chart.