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If the fetal heart rate (FHR) is less than 140 bpm, it means you are having a baby boy; if the FHR is 140 bpm or above, it means you are having a baby girl.

Fetal heart rate estimation is based on the frequency of fetal heartbeats to speculate whether the pregnancy is a boy or a girl. This is because the congenital differences between boys and girls can be manifested in the embryonic period. Generally speaking, the fetal heart rate of boys is lower than that of girls. However, the estimation of male and female based on fetal heart rate is just a reference. It can be used to predict baby’s gender if the fetal heart rate is stable, which is more accurate.

How to Predict Baby's Gender by Fetal Heart Rate?

1. Fetal heart is the heartbeat of the fetus, which can reflect the state of the fetus in the womb in time. When checking the fetal heart, the frequency can be seen. The position of the fetal heart is different in different times. The special Doppler stethoscope is sensitive to changes in the fetal heart rate when the fetus is hypoxic.

2. Under normal circumstances, the fetal heart rate is 110-160 beats per minute. The fetal heart rate also changes with the change of the uterine environment. The fetal heart rate is the performance of the central nervous system regulation function, and it is also the performance of the fetal state. Generally speaking, the normal fetal heart rate will not exceed 160 beats per minute. It will cause fetal heart rate tachycardia if it exceeds 160 pmb.

3. Check when the fetal heart rate is relatively stable. In normal, it you find more than 5 times that the fetal heart rate is less than 140 pmb in pre-natal examination, you have more chance to get a boy. Those with more than 140 pmb indicates girls. Fetal heart rate monitoring is obviously stable in the late pregnancy, that is, more than 7 months, but multiple checks are required.

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H***** Reviewed
My baby heartbeat 8 weeks 3 days 166 baby boy or girl
O***** Reviewed
Am seeing baby's heart rate 148 what am I expecting?
A***** Reviewed
My heart beat rate is 120 bpm on my 24w.i hope i expected a boy!?
S***** Reviewed
My five month ultrasound report fhr is 129 . It's boy or girl?
K***** Reviewed
I'm 9w5d but had my first scan at 6w6d and was 147 now at 9w5d I am 172 but I still dont know yet until the new year after testing but girl according to this so will see if its correct
C***** Reviewed
My baby heart rate is 148bpm first ultrasound at 23 weeks is it a boy or girl
S***** Reviewed
Has anyone delivered a baby boy with around 180bpm?
A***** Reviewed
120 bpm on first ultrasound and it’s a boy.
***** Reviewed
First baby my baby heart rate 120
S***** Reviewed
My baby Hart rear 37 weeks me 130 per minute..i hoop it's boy
V***** Reviewed
Iam 24wekks pregnant my baby hart rate 146bpm it's a boy not girl
S***** Reviewed
My baby heart beat is 146 and am 37 weeks pregnant but ultrasound told mi am carrying a boy when I waz 32 weeks pregnant..
S***** Reviewed
I am having 148 HB it predicts boy baby.
V***** Reviewed
My wife second pregnancy is having 146 heart rate at 3rd month ..Am I getting girl again..OMG can I go for abortion help me.
S***** Reviewed
My baby heart beat is 125 at 18 weeks. I had an ultrasound showing boy.
C***** Reviewed
My health baby boy always had a fhr on the high end of normal.
R***** Reviewed
My fetal heart rate is 150 bpm I think I am carrying girl
B***** Reviewed
My boy HB is 146bpm
K***** Reviewed
My second baby Heart beat rate is 158... I think it's a girl
b***** Reviewed
I am having 148 HB it predicts boy baby.

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