How to Conceive a Baby Girl?

The lovely and sweet girls are considerate to parents. Many couples wish to have a baby girl who can be their princess. Then, how to raise the chances of having a baby girl? Just follow the eight tips below.

Acidic Body Environment

To have a baby girl, do not take too much alkaline food but appropriate amount of acid food, so as to stay in good health and keep a balanced diet.

What needs to be pointed out is that acid food does not mean those which taste acid but whose which can adjust acid-base imbalance. The commonly seen acid foods include meat, fish, dairy products except fresh milk, rice & wheat flour products, can, corn, protein, sour fruits, chocolate, beverage and vinegar.

What to Eat to Conceive a Baby Girl?

Normal Sex and Watch the Position

Research suggests that the more sperm at conception means the higher probability of boy while the less suggests the higher chances of girl. According to this, if you want to have a baby boy, you need to abstain from sex for a few days prior to the ovulation date, so as to maximize the sperm count and raise the chance of Y-sperm fusing with egg. On the contrary, you don't need to abstain if you want to have a baby girl, just keep the normal frequency (such as once every three days); the best date of conception is two days before the ovulation date.


Try missionary or straddling position if you want to have a girl.

You are suggested to use missionary position, which is the most commonly used sex position and make shallow penetrations. Also, avoid orgasm to increase the chance of conceiving a girl. You'd better abstain from sex within one week after that since it is a possible gestation period.

Older Parents are More Likely to Have Girls

It is an indisputable fact that older parents are more likely to have girls. The physical constitution of men and women is subject to age. As a result, the sperm count of men decreases with age while the alkaline secretion in uterus also decreases with age due to physical and hormonal changes, which improves the chance of baby girl greatly.

More Likely to Have Girls under Great Pressure

A new study by Danish psychologists shows that, great mental stress will raise the chances of having a baby girl. Because a strongly acidic environment will be formed once women are too stressful, which is adverse to the survival of Y sperm. In this way, they are more likely to have baby girls. At the same time, the sperm count of stressful men decreases. However, you are not suggested to conceive under great stress though it is easier to have a girl, because your health is more important than the baby gender. So just let it be.

Occupational Factors Contributing to Baby Girls

Statistical reports show that higher chance of baby girls occur in men who often drive or work as flight attendant or pilot, anesthesiologist, or sedentary office worker exposed to computer radiation. The intense change of temperature, pressure and radiation or the excessive inhalation of toxic anesthetic gases will kill the vulnerable Y-sperm first and cause the higher chance of baby girls.

Vegetarians and Those Fond of Desserts Are More Likely to Have Girls

British researchers find that vegetarian women are more likely to have baby girls. Though there are no other studies on the effect of pre-pregnancy diet on baby gender, the research shows that the boy to girl ratio is 106:100 in Britain but in the vegetarian group, the ratio is 85:100. The data shows that vegetarian women are more likely to have baby girls.

Meanwhile, American researchers find that the content of sugar and fat in women's diet also has an effect on baby gender. And the higher chance of baby girls happens to women with a sweet tooth.

Smokers Are More Likely to Have Baby Girls

The chance of baby boy will drop nearly 50% if parents are smokers and keep smoking during pregnancy. The male fetus might be ''killed'' in the uterus by the smoking of parents. Even if only the father-to-be smokes, the mother-to-be as an involuntary smoker is also more likely to have a baby girl. Presumably, this is because smoking can cause certain changes to the mother-to-be's body, such as estrogen hyposecretion and uterine lesion, while Y-chromosome crucial to baby boy is quite sensitive to the changes and can be ''hurt''. In this way, the chance of baby boy is lowered.

Good-Looking Couples Are More Likely to Have Baby Girls

Based on a statistics, this funny study shows that the good-looking couples are 26% more likely to have girls. However, it still needs to be proved. So, marry a good-looking person if you want to have a baby girl!
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