What Kind of Woman is Easy to Conceive Baby Boy?

Pregnant women who have a good memory are more likely to have baby boys

The latest study by Canadian researchers shows that, women pregnant with boys are less forgetful than those with girls. According to an investigation into the effects of pregnancy on women's cognition, women pregnant with boys have better performance than those with girls in the tests of auditory, computational and visual memories.

The longer it takes to prepare for pregnancy, the easier it will be to deliver baby boys

Researchers surveyed 5,283 women who had given birth, and found that 498 of them take more than one year to prepare for pregnancy, among which 58% deliver boys while among those who prepare for less than one year, only 51% give birth to boys. The experts believe that, women with high viscosity of cervical mucus are difficult to conceive, but sperms with Y chromosome are more likely to pass through the cervix to fuse with eggs for a long time, increasing the probability of delivering baby boys.

Pregnant women with the company of husband are more likely to conceive baby boys

According to a new scientific research, pregnant women with the company of husband are more likely to have boys. A study of 86,436 pregnant women by medical experts from the National Bureau of Economic Research of the United States found that the probability of expectant mothers with the company of husband is 14% higher than those living alone in terms of conceiving baby boys.

Enterprising women are apt to have baby boys

Researchers found that unyielding, confident and enterprising women are more likely to have baby boys than those who are gentle. Scientists have identified that the testosterone level in the eggs of female mammals varies and eggs with higher level of testosterone are more likely to produce male embryos. The testosterone content in women is closely related to their personality.

Pregnant women engaged in masculinized work are more likely to deliver baby boys

A new study shows that masculinized work, such as engineer or accountant, can greatly increase the chance of delivering baby boys. The study shows the proportion of baby boy to baby girl is 140 to 100 among pregnant women engaged in masculinized professions like engineer. In the process of fertilization, the testosterone content in the uterus of women engaged in those occupations is higher, which increases the possibility of delivering baby boys.

Wealthy women are more likely to deliver baby boys

A recent study by American scientists shows that women with a well-off family and higher education background are more likely to have baby boys, while women with a poor family and in poor health are more likely to have baby girls. Figures indicate that Afro-American women in poor health and with limited education are less likely to have boys than white women.

Pregnant women with a hearty appetite are more likely to have baby boys

Scientists in the United States and Sweden have found that pregnant women with a hearty appetite during pregnancy usually give birth to male babies heavier than female babies. A pregnant woman having a baby boy would consume over 10% of calories and over 8% of protein within body during pregnancy, thus a large amount of carbohydrates and animal/vegetable fats are required to supplement energy.

Women who eat more cereals before pregnancy are more likely to have baby boys

A study found that women who have cereals and cornflakes for breakfast are much more likely to have baby boys than girls. Among those who take high-energy breakfast, 59% give birth to baby boys. Among those who take non-cereal breakfast, only 43% give birth to baby boys.

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