Morning Sickness

No morning sickness in early pregnancy (i.e. first three months) means you are having a baby boy while the severe morning sickness means baby girl. 

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B***** Reviewed 1/25/2021 5:48:20 PM
Morning sickness with my girl was bad but ended around 12 weeks. Morning sickness with my boy horrible and ongoing.
M***** Reviewed 7/3/2019 2:45:59 AM
I don't suffer from morning sickness and I'm carrying a boy.
J***** Reviewed 3/10/2019 12:56:24 AM
When I was pregnant with my son I felt not so good. I suffered a lot from bad morning sickness and headaches, and always felt tired.
L***** Reviewed 3/10/2019 12:49:02 AM
I experienced not too bad morning sickness. Only about a week of bad morning sickness and it didn't make me want to vomit. I get a boy. This old wives tale is really accurate to me.
H***** Reviewed 3/7/2019 1:22:19 AM
I suffered from morning sickness accompanied with serious vomiting every morning. It lasted for four months. I get a baby boy now.
J***** Reviewed 3/3/2019 8:42:37 AM
It's not right to me. I had very serious morning sickness in early pregnancy when I conceived my son.

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