16 Symptoms of Pregnant with Baby Girl

During pregnancy, many changes will happen to your body and preferences. Some symptoms show that you are pregnant with a baby girl. If you want a baby girl, these signs can be very delightful. Then, what are the specific symptoms of baby girl during pregnancy?
It is well known that "pointed boy and rounded girl", which means the rounded belly shape implies a baby girl. A girl often takes a face-to-face position with her mother in the belly, which means the baby is backing outward. So, if you are pregnant with a baby girl, your belly will look round since the baby's back and bottom are there. In addition, people will know you are pregnant from behind if it is a girl.
The saying goes that higher boy and lower girl, which means if you are carrying a baby lower it must be a girl.
Bigger Belly
If you are having a baby girl, your belly will grow faster and bigger and even can look pregnant around the 4th month.
Fetal Movement to the Right
The saying ''left for boy and right for girl'' is introduced to the prediction of baby gender. If the baby kicks occur to the right, you are probably having a girl. 
Larger Fetal Movement
If your baby often kicks you on the right, the movement looks like tumbling about in your belly, and you get a large bump on the belly, it indicates you are expecting a baby girl.
Heart rate can also imply the baby gender. If the heart rate of your baby is weak yet fast, it indicates you are pregnant with a baby girl. Generally speaking, the heart rate beyond 140 beats per minute indicates a baby girl.
Concave Belly Button
If your belly button is concave and the linea nigra is light and thin, it implies you are carrying a baby girl.
Experience shows that if you are pregnant with a baby girl, you will have severe and long morning sickness in the first trimester, such as headache, bad appetite and nausea.
Less Hair on Belly
If your belly has less or even no hair during pregnancy, it means you are expecting a baby girl.
The dull yellow urine is a sign of baby girl.
If you have a bigger breast and a darker nipple on the right, it indicates you are having a baby girl.
Placentaprevia means the placenta is attached to the anterior uterine. It is believed that placentaprevia is a sign of baby girl.
Weight Gain on Waist
Weight gain on waist, bottom, thighs and breasts is a symptom of baby girl during pregnancy.
Poor Appetite
If you get worse appetite during pregnancy and crave for weird foods which you have no interest in the past, you will welcome a baby girl.
Many mother-to-bes will find their skin change a lot during pregnancy. If your skin is better, whiter and smoother, it indicates you are pregnant with a baby girl.
Graded Decrease in Gestational Sac Data
You are suggested to check the gestational sac around the 8th week, during which the gestational sac is generally in its own shape. When you read the B-ultrasound data, you can ask the doctor for three values to make it accurate! If the three values are in exact graded decrease or so, then you are more likely to have a baby girl! For example, 30*20*10 in graded decrease or 20*21*20 with smaller difference.

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