Pregnancy Symptoms

The earlier you know you are pregnant, the quicker you get into the role of mom. Also, it helps you to avoid taking medicine blindly and causing adverse effects to your baby. There are many early symptoms of pregnancy and perhaps you know a few, such as morning sickness. Here are 7 obvious signs showing that you may be pregnant.

Missed Period

This sign is well known. If your period is usually very regular and it has delayed for more than 10 days while no reliable contraceptives have been taken, you are probably pregnant. However, pregnancy is not the only reason for a missed period. A lot of systemic diseases, such as tuberculosis, anemia and endocrine dyscrasia, also can cause a missed period, so you need to distinguish clearly.


You may go to bed earlier than usual but find it harder to get up in the morning. Doing exercise highly consumes your strength. Even simple activities like shopping can make you feel very tired and top-heavy. All the above symptoms are caused by the growth of hormones in your body.

Breast Swelling

Pregnancy can make the breasts swell up gradually, which means the body is strengthening the blood supply to the breasts for the preparation of breastfeeding. At the same time, your nipples and areola should go deep in color and become more sensitive, even wearing clothes can cause a stabbing pain.

Frequent Urination

Another symptom of pregnancy: you pee more often. The reason for this is that a swollen uterus can make your bladder fill more quickly. Pregnancy also causes your kidneys and bladder to produce more fluid, making you pee more often. And this symptom continues in the following nine months.

High Basal Body Temperature

Pregnancy also leads to high body temperature. You may feel a little hot and wonder if you've caught a cold. At this time, you should take your temperature to see if it is higher than normal. If you are preparing for conception, you are suggested to chart the basal body temperature everyday. When you find that your temperature is slightly higher than usual and the situation has lasted for two weeks, you're probably pregnant!

Gaining Weight

Another symptom of pregnancy is the inevitable weight gain. After you become pregnant, you may find your clothes get tighter and tighter, and feel you're putting on weight continually. Gaining weight is one of the results caused by pregnancy.


Backache, as an early sign of pregnancy, is a real pain at the low waist and it can be contributed by many reasons. Maybe it's caused by the change in your weight, or maybe it's because you are sleeping less at night. Of course, hormonal and internal changes of your body can also cause backache.

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