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Gender Predictor Quiz - Boy or Girl Test: Is the baby I’m carrying a boy or a girl? Is the gender predictor really accurate? Is there a scientific way to predict unborn baby’s gender? has compiled the results of scientific research on factors affecting the sex of the baby’s gender, and summarized the methods for predicting baby’s gender. If you want to test the sex of your baby’s gender in advance, try it out!

  1. No morning sickness in early pregnancy (i.e. first three months) means you are having a baby boy while the severe morning sickness means baby girl.
  2. Since ancient times, the changes in pregnant women's taste - ''sour boy and spicy girl'' have been used to predict baby gender. You will have a baby girl if you prefer spicy food after pregnancy and a boy if prefer something sour.
  3. If your belly bulges out and looks pointed, you may have a baby boy. If it is round and looks fat from behind, it means you are having a baby girl.
  4. It's said the long belly button line of expectant mother means boy while the short line means girl.
  5. The thin belly button line of mother-to-be generally means boy while the thick means girl.
  6. If the fetal heart rate (FHR) is less than 140 bpm, it means you are having a baby boy; if the FHR is 140 bpm or above, it means you are having a baby girl.
  7. Every pregnancy is unique - and so is every pregnant belly. Some mother-to-be carry high, some carry low, and some bellies look different every day. According to the folklore, your belly can give you a clue if you will get a baby boy or a baby girl o
  8. It is said the prediction of baby gender by the position of fetal heart can be up to 90% accurate. After the 8th month, your baby will not turn around again and again in your womb.
  9. If you become better-looking and your skin texture is better after pregnancy, it means you are having a baby girl from an aspect. The rough skin and worse looking suggest a baby boy.
  10. If your areola turns darker in color, it means baby boy; otherwise, it means girl.
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7 user(s) find the result is right (63% Accuracy).
A***** Reviewed
My mom said that i have to be 25 to be pregnant.
P***** Reviewed
I'm still waiting went for a scanner and it said I'm having a girl but this says it's a boy so I'll give you guys feedback after birth
a***** Reviewed
I am currently 12 weeks pregnant, awating my 20 weeks! I am unsure but I have a great feeling i'm having a baby boy! (which I am praying for) I will give an update once I know:)
E***** Reviewed
I don't know if this is correct but yes I really wanted a boy. Thank you,
d***** Reviewed
30% boy 70% girl want a boy but whatever i will love her anyway
Z***** Reviewed
Not sure if I'm carrying high or low but my belly pointed all out and when eat something sweet I vomited
***** Reviewed
I don't think it right for me
J***** Reviewed
It’s my first time so yeah
C***** Reviewed
I can't tell what am having my cravings every where I have a thin line at the bottom
a***** Reviewed
100% accurate it's a boy
S***** Reviewed
I used your tools to test my baby's gender, it seems right, i have a 90% chance of having a baby boy, I got a boy 7 days ago.
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