Pregnancy Dream - Fruit

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When dreaming of red pomegranates, peaches, cherries or wild grapes, the chances of having a girl are great. Dreaming that holding a small cherry in hand would have a well-behaved daughter; Dreaming of a mouth-watering pomegranate would have a daughter with artistic talent. Dreaming of pears indicates that a boy. However, although the chances of having a boy are very high, it is necessary to be careful about him because he is easy to have disease and is easily injured when he is young.

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C***** Reviewed
I ate pear in the dream but am carrying a gal
C***** Reviewed
Eating red fruit in a dream i always get girls
i***** Reviewed
I ate peach in dream but I'm carrying a boy now.
J***** Reviewed
Cherry dream and got a girl.
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