Early Signs of Pregnancy 1 Week

Some women can be very sensitive to the changes that occur in their bodies shortly after one week of pregnancy while others are less sensitive and have no idea about the early signs of pregnancy at all. Knowing these symptoms can help you during the pregnancy.
1.    An inexplicable increase in body temperature and a little agitated. The increase in body temperature can be caused by a lot of reasons, such as spicy diet or poor sleep. Endocrine changes in your body after pregnancy also lead to the elevated body temperature and you may feel something wrong with your body.

2.    Increased vaginal secretion. Shortly after one week of pregnancy, your vaginal discharge, mostly viscous, should begin to build up, together with the slight itch which is similar to the symptoms of colpitis mycotica. If you have suffered vaginitis in the past, you may easily treat it as vaginitis by mistake and buy some medicine to use consequently, which is extremely adverse to the normal development of your baby. Then, what is the difference between the vaginal secretion after conception and that of vaginitis? Generally, the vaginal secretion can be very viscous and much more in quantity after you get pregnant.

3.    Being sleepy and you want to have more sleep. In the first week after pregnancy, you may often feel sleepy for no reason and sleep like a baby. For example, you've been used to getting up at 6 a.m. but now can sleep to 7 a.m.

4.    Feeling inexplicable fidgety. With the increase of body temperature and vaginal discharge, you may feel fidgety or irritable inexplicably and can easily get angry or upset about something.

5.    Frequent urination. Shortly after one week you get pregnant, you can clearly feel the frequent urination and the feeling is just like what you pee more after catching a cold.

6.    Morning sickness. Within one week after conception, some women begin to experience nausea and vomiting in the morning yet it lasts only about two minutes every time.

7.    A craving for a certain food. Within one week after conception, you may suddenly have a craving for a certain food and the desire is so strong that you would do everything to eat it regardless all the trouble, which may surprise yourself!

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