What to Eat to Conceive a Baby Girl?

Nowadays some parents want boys while some want girls. Most of those who have boys as the first children wish to conceive a girl at the second pregnancy. In fact, this dream can come true thru diet regulation. So what are foods contribute to conceiving a baby girl?
More Acidic Foods by the Mother
If you want to have a baby girl, you can eat more acidic foods to achieve an acidic body state which is good for conceiving a baby girl. For example, you can eat more egg yolks, persimmons, rice, eels and other acidic foods. Since it takes time to regulate, you can start taking in more acidic foods three months in advance.
More Calcium and Magnesium
The intake of foods high in calcium and magnesium by women can also increase the chance of conceiving a baby girl. Beans, milk and sesame paste are recognized foods high in calcium. A cup of milk every day can beautify, detoxify and regulate your body. Meanwhile, you can take in leafy greens, laver and other foods high in magnesium.
Less Salt Intake
Studies show that women who want to have girls should avoid foods high in trace elements of potassium and sodium, such as shrimp, ham, cheese and even banana. If you wish to get a baby girl, make sure you take in as less salt as possible in daily diet, which is also good for your cardiovascular and brain vessels.
The strength of acids and alkalis in human body is constant under normal circumstances, because some critical buffers in the body, such as carbonates, phosphates and proteins, can prevent the body from external factors caused by the sharp changes in the pH of the human body. It is a continuous and cumulative work to improve physical condition thru a balanced diet. Therefore, a period of time is required to regulate your body. For example, you'd better start diet control a year in advance with your partner to get better effect. Besides, the diet control is a team work for mother and father rather than a unilateral effort.