Can Alkaline Foods Help Women Conceive a Boy?

Although men and women are on equal terms in this society, some mothers still want to have boys out of various reasons. Some people claim that alkaline foods can achieve an alkaline body state and make the vagina alkaline, which is conducive to the activity of Y sperms and increase the chance of conceiving a baby boy. Is it true that alkaline foods help women conceive boys?
The truth is that more alkaline foods do help you conceive a baby boy and this has certain scientific evidence. Scientific research shows food is divided into two types, namely acidic and alkaline. If your family wants to have a baby boy, the mother should eat more alkaline foods to increase the chance. Alkaline foods can balance the pH of human body, achieve an alkaline body state and increase the chance of Y sperms binding to the egg.
However, the view of diet can change the constitution has not yet been verified. Chance quite often plays an important part in this. In fact, it will be a good try as long as you keep a balanced diet and take in foods in a balanced way. There are many kinds of alkaline foods, including fruits, vegetables, beans, bean products, nuts, grains, eggs, drinks and other foods. Alkaline foods are healthy, and you may eat properly no matter you want to have a boy or a girl. At the same time, you need to take proper physical exercise, stay in expansive mood, improve physical fitness, and avoid being faddy about foods. For the sake of your baby's health, take good care of your body and give priority to health rather than baby gender.
How Long to Eat Alkaline Foods for Baby Boy?
Parents can improve physical condition by getting on a balanced diet. But this is a continuous and cumulative process and takes a period of time to adapt and adjust. If you do want to control the diet, you may as well start it one year in advance, focus on physical exercise, keep a cheerful mood and improve physical fitness for better effect. Generally speaking, alkaline foods consist of fresh vegetables, milk, mandarin orange, banana, kelp, etc. Of course, this discovery only means foods vary in increasing the chance of conceiving a boy or a girl. Life is magical, and many factors account in chromosome binding, so do not pursue blindly.