How to Predict Baby's Gender from Mother's Face

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Everyone has an opinion about having a baby. Some people want to have a boy while others want a girl. Although the baby gender is beyond control, face reading can tell whether a woman is more likely to have a boy or a girl. What are the facial features of giving birth to a boy? What are the facial features of delivering a baby girl?
Since women's lips are under the control of large intestine channel while Ren channel is closely related to pregnancy, the baby gender can be predicted from the color of women's lips. Women with lips in improper color, such as white, blue and overly red, tend to have a baby girl; women with rosy lips are more likely to have a baby boy. In addition, more fine lines on the lips indicate baby boy while less fine lines imply a baby girl.

Philtrum represents fertility. For women, a long and deep philtrum means higher probability of having a baby boy; a flat and thick philtrum implies higher chance of having a baby girl. The pointed junction of this groove and the upper lip indicates baby boy while the round one indicated baby girl. If the philtrum is a little more to the left, the chance of first baby as a girl is higher.

For both men and women, a round chin is a symbol of wealth, peace, many children and grandchildren. Although a square-jaw face is less stereoscopic and attractive than the oval face, it is one of the important features of having a baby boy. Women with round chin tend to give birth to baby boys while those with pointed chin tend to have baby girls.

For most women, the two eyebrows have the equal length. If not, it will be easy to tell the baby gender. Generally speaking, a longer left eyebrow indicates a baby boy while a longer right one suggests a baby girl. In addition to the length, the shape of eyebrow also can tell the baby gender to some extent. Thin eyebrows, short eyebrow tail, and high ridge are all facial features for giving birth to a baby girl.

Women with fleshy earlobes are more likely to have baby boys.

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